What is Cyberpunk?

To define Cyberpunk to an individual who isĀ  profoundly not into Cyber and Sci-fi world is quite difficult. Generally, Cyberpunk refers to a sub-genre of science fiction focused on highly advanced science and technology in a dystopian future. In short -‘High tech, low life’. However, I see it as a futuristic culture in a city full of neon lights, advance infrastructures, cybernated vehicles, punks with gedgets, hackers, cyborgs, artificial intelligence, systems with advance automata.


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People of Cyberpunk world

The culture of Cyberpunk is with a distinct style and attitude. People tend to use various gedgets and have unconventional hairstyle and fashion. For the rapid advancements of Biotech and nanotech, cybernetics enhancement in body is also possible. People are more self dependent, apathetic, anti authoritarian and cunning.

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